Horween Leather Belt
Horween Leather Belt
Horween Leather Belt

Horween Leather Belt

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This belt makes the perfect companion to your daily life. This belt will be no stranger to sitting around a campfire, evening markets, or long road trips. A rugged belt that goes well with a pair of jeans. This hand-crafted casual belt is so comfortable you will forget you’re even wearing it. This is a quality belt that you can’t buy in a department store. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, this is a belt that will your children will inherit. 

  • Made with thick 9oz Horween Derby leather. This is a durable, thick leather that will develop a rich patina and fit you better and better over the years.
  • Lifetime guarantee means we stand behind every belt we make.
  • Every strap has burnished and polished edges. This allows for a non-flashy yet refined look that goes with your whole wardrobe.
  • Our metal hardware keeps your belt where it needs to be and offers a comforting heft.
  • Our solid rivets secure the keeper and buckle permanently ensuring a lifetime of longevity.
  • 1.5” strap width fits through standard belt loops on any pair of jeans; it's our classic strap width.
  • We recommend sizing 2 inches up from your waist (i.e. 34" waist = 36" belt)