Collection: Alden Shoes Los Angeles

World renowned Alden Shoes represent the virtually lost art and tradition of custom shoemaking at its finest. Since Alden Shoes introduced their first pair in 1884, they have never wavered in their exceed the expectations of the discerning  man in search of the perfect shoe for the board meeting or a sophisticated night on the town. Or both. Meticulously crafted, Alden Shoes remain the gold standard of quality, style, wearability and comfort in men’s footwear as it has for more than 135 years.  The company’s relentless attention to every last detail, from design through construction and beyond, explains why it is the only original New England shoe and bootmaker to still be thriving from the hundreds who began this unique art long ago.

Alden Shoes remain a family-owned business, still universally recognized for being exceptional in every way. In a world where low quality, low cost mass produced shoes now dominate the market, Alden Shoes is staunchly carrying forward its trademark of quality, genuine-welted shoemaking with zero tolerance for shortcuts or the use of inferior materials. Alden refuses to stray from the formula set in stone by their relatives of generations past….an unwavering commitment to the richest-textured and deepest-colored leathers and the highest quality core components. Focus on both comfort and intelligent design remains a must as does the desire to stand by each and every pair sold.