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Joseph Tricker founded Tricker’s of England in 1829, during the start of an era to become known for great enlightenment, learning and social reforms. From the outset,  the company built an impeccable reputation for crafting shoes of outstanding manufacturing quality and durability. A mere eleven years later, Joseph’s son-in-law, Walter James Barltrop, ushered in a brand new age of footwear by designing the world’s first “country boot.” It did not take long for Tricker’s to become the maker of choice for heavy country boots and shoes. From farmers to estate owners to the landed gentry, all swore by this newly crafted waterproof country footwear. And for all the right reasons: comfort, strength, durability and practicality.

Today, Tricker’s country shoes and boots are built to the same exacting standards upon which it was first built, explaining why it has long cemented its reputation as a globally recognized brand. The 260 individual processes required in the making of a pair of Tricker’s country boots still take place entirely, from start to finish, in its Northampton shoe factory. Each pair requires an astonishing eight weeks to manufacture. Still a family owned business, the fifth generation caretakers of the brand refuse to compromise on those standards of craftsmanship and use of honest materials that remain the cornerstones of this proud company. That fact is evident in every pair made and worn.

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