Frequently Asked Questions

Stylish clothing can give you a huge boost in your confidence levels, and we excel at all things quality at Proconsul Clothing. It can be very intimidating to come up with a diverse, comfortable, and chic wardrobe, especially when you first start out. This is why we've rounded up some of our most frequently asked questions for you below.

1. What is Proconsul Clothing's main mission?

It's simple; we want to make it easy and painless for our clients to find a great wardrobe that fits their styles, wants, and needs. We strive to bring our clients clothing that feels both personal and modern, but that retains that high-quality design that our clients deserve. This is the overreaching goal we set for ourselves when we first opened our doors, and it still carries through today.

2. Why choose personalized clothing?

Personalized clothing and pieces you can find at Proconsul Clothing help you enhance and showcase the parts of yourself that you love. Maybe you're very proud of the figure you cut, and you want to show it off with a well-tailored suit. If so, finding a quality option that fits in with your one personal refinements is key, and you'll find them in our shop.

3. What types of clothing do we carry?

We have a large selection of men's clothing that goes from the formal end of the spectrum to casual wear--and everything in between. We're always adding new pieces from reputable brands to our inventory, and we work hard to have something for everyone to enjoy. No matter what you're after, we can find the perfect piece to match your personal style.

4. Do we offer more than clothing?

Yes! We're proud to supply men with everything they need to pull their outfits together. If you already have the outfit itself, we can help you pick of the perfect shoes or accessories to match. Whether you want to finish your outfit and pull it all together or make a statement, we have the shoes or accessories in stock to help you accomplish this goal.

5. Can you find reputable and quality brands at Proconsul Clothing?

Absolutely! We know quality and how important it is to buy from reputable brands, and this is why we partner with some of the best well-known brands available. You'll find items by Bleu de Chauffe, Alden Shoe Company, Wolverine, Tricker's, and our very own brand, Proconsul. Additionally, we're always partnering with new brands, so it's a good idea to check back regularly.

6. Can we ship items?

Yes! If you're not by our brick and mortar locations, you can browse our online store and find the clothing and accessories you like. Once you do, we can ship them to you quickly and easily anywhere in the United States.

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