10 Reasons Why LaBrea is Fashion! What a Difference a Decade Makes

"La Brea is a haven of stylized curation." That simple sentence, grabbed from a website that focuses strictly on this historic retail and dining mecca located in the Fairfax district of Los Angeles, neatly sums up the LaBrea experience. If a visit to LaBrea has not been  on your shopping to-do list, it’s clearly time to add it. Immediately. Why, you ask? Here’s just a brief list of reasons, sure to get you motivated.

  1. Its location is spot-on. The LaBrea fashion district abuts the iconic Hancock Park and Park LaBrea neighborhoods. Both Hollywood and Beverly Hills are just minutes away.
  2. Its transformation is impossible to ignore. Well-thought out, carefully executed change is evident in every facet of what is now a high profile shopping district. From a car-dominated corridor to a pedestrian-friendly street, from an industrial-heavy environment to retail and dining-focused mecca, the rebirth of LaBrea, which began a decade ago, is impossible to go unnoticed.
  3. Los Angeles fashion rocks. The powerful influence of music, film and television is evident everywhere...and nowhere in LA is fashion more at the forefront than in the legendary LaBrea section. From the classic style of brands like Alden Shoes to the cutting edge collaborations offered at stores like Undefeated,LaBrea is LA fashion.
  4. They say it best. "La Brea holds firm as a different type of experience with their flourishing district of fashion-forward hot spots...LA’s artsiest shopping stretch." (CBS Los Angeles) "A carefully selected mix of culinary experiences, cutting edge brands, emerging designers and local artisans; a perfect combination of culture and experience." (DistrictLabrea)
  5. Your style. Your store. Looking for a 1980’s evening dress or 80’s leather pants? No problem. Denim and sweatshirts more your style? Check. What about classic mens suits and refined footwear? Absolutely. Need eyewear that actually compliments your personal style? LaBrea has you covered. 
  6. Shop ‘til you drop...and then eat! The Labrea fashion district offers equally exciting culinary options. You’ll struggle to decide where to power up. From sushi to vegan, from Indian to authentic BBQ, from legendary hot dogs to Italian, you are certain to find just your style.
  7. Fashionable living. The appeal of LaBrea extends well beyond your body and your palate. Shopping for just the right home goods? Outdoor gear? Accessories? Furniture? By now, you realize if it’s available on Labrea, it’s absolutely worthy of your attention.
  8. But am I leaving LaBrea with an empty wallet? Only if you choose to...because the shops, boutiques, food establishments represent all price points on the spectrum. If you’re a savvy shopper, this is absolutely your new favorite shopping destination.
  9. At your service. Those working in the LaBrea fashion district certainly have it figured out. If you need their eye for style, they’ve got your back! For those who like to search out their favorite find in private, they get it. Hate the hassle of lugging your packages around? Many of the stores will ship your purchases wherever you’d like them to land.
  10. Fun is always in fashion on LaBrea. It’d take a concerted effort not to have fun journeying to this very special part of LA. Whether you leave with a boatload of purchases, have blown your diet in style or simply have taken in an eclectic experience, you’ll leave with a smile...and the desire to come back often.