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Stow Boot
Stow Boot

Stow Boot

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Fit 5, Dainite Sole.

Please Note: Sizes are UK

Stow is Tricker’s most iconic men’s boot. Made originally as a country boot, but now worn by men all around the world across fields and cities. The Stow Derby ankle boot is instantly recognizable for its brogue patterning synonymous to Tricker’s; however its strong, solid build and seven eyelets make it as recognizable, whilst by no means flashy. A half bellows tongue is folded and attached to the boot to provide a watertight seal, with the storm welt providing an additional waterproof seal between the shoe's upper and sole. Tricker's classic Stow boot features leather linings and the Dainite sole for more practicality.

As with all of Tricker's shoes and boots, each pair of Stow boots are handmade within their Northampton factory in England by craftsmen and women using traditional methods, and to the same exacting standards that first established the Tricker's reputation. There are 260 processes used to make each pair from start to finish.